There are many ways you can help and support us.

The most direct one would be to take part in the organising of the event as well as help running it on the day. We are always on the lookout for people who wants to help with outreaching, rescuing and cooking food and we’re open to any artsy or crafty skill that can help the cafe grow (draw a new poster, make a banner, take nice photos of the event!).

We always have a donation bucket happy to be filled with as much as you can and want during our events. After expenses are covered (we try to keep these as close to £0 as possible), 80% of the donations collected go to Halkevi, which has been our home since the beginning.

Donations can also be sent to our Open Collective account. Open Collective is a space for grassroots groups to raise funds to help them navigate and survive in this capitalistic world. You can send a donation through bank transfer and/or debit/credit card.

However, we would kindly ask you to go for the bank transfer option if and when possible so we can avoid the extra credit/debit card fees (1.5% + 25p) on top of our financial host fee (5%).  


To donate via bank transfer, follow these steps after selecting amount you would like to donate: 

  1. On ‘Choose payment method’ select ‘Bank transfer’.
  2. You will then get the account name, sort code and account number to do the bank transfer.
  3. When doing the bank transfer please ensure you include the reference number on the transfer. This will allow Accountable (our financial host) to allocate the money to us. 


Any questions, send us a message on Instagram or Facebook or send us an email on